Edge Dye

Edge dye from Leather’s Choice allows you to achieve a smooth, shiny finish on the edges of your leather projects. The edge dye can also be used on the back of different leather items.

Our edge dye for leather has a glossy finish, so you only need one application to enjoy the beautiful result. The edge dye from Leather’s Choice comes in both a transparent, brown and black variant, so you can choose the one that best matches your leather project.

Quality Edge Dye for every need

At Leather’s Choice we really care about maintaining a high quality for our products. We have a passion for working with leather and we want to offer you high quality products that really work.

On this page you can find distributors of the edge dye from Leather’s Choice, which can be bought both wholesale and for private use. The edge dye is targeted at both those who work professionally with leather, and as those who work with leather as a hobby.

How to use the edge dye from Leather’s Choice:  

  • Stir the dye well before using it
  • Apply the edge dye to the prepared edges. You can use a wool brush, a steel scraper or a fine brush.
  • If the edge needs two layers, you should let the first layer dry and sand the surface with sandpaper (600 grit), before you apply the second layer.
  • When the edge dye dries completely, it is automatically shiny
  • Lightly polish the edge when the edge dye is completely dry