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    Aquatac from Leather’s Choice is an incredibly strong contact glue of the highest quality. The glue is water based and can be used on a wide range of different materials. Among other things, you can use Aquatac with hide, leather, lining, and cardboard. Only your imagination is the limit for the uses of this glue.
    Whether you’re a craftsman, or you …

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    Our natural beeswax is the obvious choice when it comes to waxing your thread. Our wax is made with high quality ingredients and is easy to work with. Whether you’re working with leather professionally, or as a hobby, you will be impressed by our beeswax from Leather’s Choice.
    On this page you can find a list of our distributors of beeswax. …

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    Carnauba Wax

    By using our high-quality Carnauba Wax you can easily put the finishing touches on your wooden crafts. The wax is often used for polishing pipes, knife handles, and in wood turnery.
    The wax should be placed on a buffing wheel, mounted to either a polishing machine or a power drill. Following this, you can polish your wooden item and give it …

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    Edge Dye

    Edge dye from Leather’s Choice allows you to achieve a smooth, shiny finish on the edges of your leather projects. The edge dye can also be used on the back of different leather items.

    Our edge dye for leather has a glossy finish, so you only need one application to enjoy the beautiful result. The edge dye from Leather’s Choice comes …

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    Leather Dye

    The leather dye from Leather’s Choice is an alcohol-based dye, which can be used to effectively dye leather items that have an open grain. The desired shade can easily be achieved by applying the leather dye in multiple layers to achieve a deeper shade of color. With leather dye, from Leather’s Choice, you can watch your leather come to life …

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    Leather Dye Thinner

    Do you wish to reduce the amount of color pigment in your Leather’s Choice leather dye? Then you need our leather dye thinner. It is especially great if you want to achieve a lighter shade on your leather item than shown on the leather dye. The dye thinner can be used to clean items before application of the dye, where …

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    Leather Grease

    Leather grease from Leather’s Choice can be used for impregnating many different types of leather items. The leather grease gives the leather the necessary amount of nourishment for the material to stay healthy and supple, while it also adds depth and life to the color of the leather. There are multiple good reasons to care for your different leather items …

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    Leather Hardener

    With leather hardener from Leather’s Choice you can easily and quickly harden different leather items to make them keep their desired shape. The leather hardener can also be used on wood, which will leave with a beautiful, bright finish.

    At Leather’s Choice we are passionate about working with leather and we only wish to offer you the best in products for …

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    Leather Oil – Pure Neatsfoot Oil

    Leather oil from Leather’s Choice is particularly suited for dry, worn-out leather, that needs nourishment. The formula is rich and the nourishing oil makes leather smooth and soft again.

    The oil effectively absorbs deep into the pores of the leather and is particularly effective at taking care of harnesses for horses. The oil may also be used for taking care of …

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    Leather Paint

    Leather paint from Leather’s Choice can be used to paint many different leather items – including sofas and car seats. The paint can also be used for shoes, and there are plenty of possibilities with this flexible paint from Leather’s Choice. 

    The leather paint is, of course, high quality and ensures you an even, uniform result every single time. It is …

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    Leather Shine

    With the help of leather shine from Leather’s Choice, you can easily and quickly give any leather item a beautiful glossy finish.

    Our leather shine is, of course, of the highest quality, and it can be used on both natural leather as well as dyed smooth leather. The product is colorless and gives your leather item a shiny surface while it …

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    Our liquid raw latex is easy to work with and is, of course, of high quality. Our latex is produced under well-regulated conditions, with a large focus on sustainability. You can purchase our products with a clear conscience. 

    Naturlatex 60% from Leather’s Choice can be used for many different purposes. Among other things, you can use the latex for:

    • Casting molds